MBN Live, a free press conveying impartial news. 


MBN Live is a free news association arranged at Mumbai. Chief Editor of MBN live is in news-reporting business for longer than ten years. After so long endeavouring to convey unprejudiced news he, at last, chose to have a website where he can communicate and convey facts with no surprises.


Web Design, Development, UX, Logo Design.

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As a start-up news agency, MBN Live's web presence was still being shaped. It should be simple and inviting to users who were searching for local news content. A design framework that mirrors their fundamental beliefs and ensuring those qualities are not lost in the design. The second group we had to keep in mind was the MBN Live team. A system that will elevate the process of updating website content without a need for a developer.

MBN live Screenshots
MBN live Screenshots


By working intimately with MBN Live's team we made a design system that reflects MBN guiding principles. Intense, Professionalism, and Trustworthy. From colours to modern UI components, the system reflects MBN Live essential beliefs. The web experience is made with an exclusive expectation of accessibility, readability with an exceptional thoughtfulness regarding load speed, simplicity of navigation and smooth web experience. Backend is controlled by a bespoke CMS guaranteeing a hassle-free site update for MBN Live team and ensuring the site can develop as the news agency develops itself.


The design system eliminates all the superfluous things, leaving the users with only news material,which is what they needed. Google lighthouse results are very impressive for MBN Live's website suggesting improved SEO and quicker page loading time.